Whether you need Russian language for work, for travelling or just wish to take on a challenge of learning another language in your leisure time we can help you achieve the best results. 

At the Russian Language Centre we take our time to listen to you and assess your current level, understand your objectives and time constraints.  

We use a unique methodology developed by a highly qualified tutor with many years of experience which enables us to tailor your Russian language course to your individual requirements so that you can achieve the best results in the shortest time.  For example the course can be specifically focused on conversational Russian, with special emphasis on everyday situations and vocabulary, or business Russian; it can be intensive or taken over a period of time suitable to you.

Russia is the world’s largest country, one of the world’s largest economies and has a wealth of cultural and historical cities and monuments for tourists to explore. It is therefore no surprise that millions of people from all over the world visit Russia every year.  Although many Russian people nowadays have some command of English (and some are very good!) if you are planning a trip to Russia or other countries where Russian is spoken it is advisable to be able speak at least some basic Russian language even if it is just to find your way around, buy food or call a doctor.  It is highly unlikely that you would be able to stop someone on a street of Moscow and ask for directions in English (and get an answer!) or that your order in a restaurant or a cafe will be understood!  Russian is also a very interesting language to learn as it is very different from any European languages. 

Whatever your goals – we can help!